Affiliated Music Company

The Affiliated Music Company ( is located in one of the hottest places on earth...Phoenix, Arizona USA. started out as a local group of family and friends from several different states in America who all had a real love for the Hip-Hop/Rap movement that was sweeping the nation in the mid 90's.  Inspired by raw lyricism and real life situations those young boys began writing and recording music at a young age, releasing several cassette tapes by the age of 13.  From an early age this uncommon team of business minded rhymers made the decision to work tirelessly to become one of music's elite.  Although, as time passed, life's many pitfalls began to take shape which in turn began to separate the group in many different directions but never stealing their dream and visions for the future. And as fate would have it, in May, 2003 roughly 10 years later the whole group found themselves back in the same place together again working on music,  this time with a seasoned street savvy, a solid education base and an unshakeable desire to shake up the industry and stir up the world!

In May, 2003 Affiliated Music was founded and since then over 30,000 albums have been sold independently, 10 album projects released and a great relationship was developed with one of Hip/Hop's legends, DeShaun Holton aka "Proof" aka "Dirty Harry", from Shady Records group D12.  After the death of Proof, in 2005 a few artist made bold life changing decisions to cease writing and recording music, without any love lost, a core group of 4 songwriters, producers, engineers and music business entrepreneurs took it upon themselves to continue to carry the torch forward and released even more music with a fire and brilliance unlike any other in the southwest region. Sparking a buzz in almost every state in America, is now nationally known and respected throughout the music industry. No matter what happens, no matter what anybody thinks, says or does will continue to stay ahead of the competition through strategic promotional campaigns, supernatural energy, fearless business endeavors and groomed God given talent!  Everyday something new...Stay Hip! 

A-Rocka a.k.a. Rockatron - Songwriter, Artist, Producer

This musical genius and songwriting/performing great young A-Rocka is a real diamond in the rough! Born in Queens, NY and raised in Phoenix, AZ he has brought the southwest some back east flavor and style. 

Pistol Star - Songwriter, Artist, Promotions


 From a very early age Pistol has had to deal with family problems and frequent run ins with the law that inevetably lead him to several boys homes, juveniles, jails and eventually prison before the age of 21. In Janurary 2010 he was released completely from his recent charges and is now back in the studio working on his highly anticipated first solo album. The streets of Phoenix and Detroit are "buzzing" about Pistol and now that he is back in the lights they won't be disappointed! Check out his single "Whip Dat" on the music page!!

Highway Dre - Songwriter, Artist, Audio Engineer

A visionary and music business entrepreneur, (Andre Morgan) Highway Dre is a pragmatic hard working artist who is determined to succeed and expand in the global music economy.